Guest booking

We invite you to come on the show and to have a conversation with Jim which is natural, engaging and informative to our community. We have welcomed entrepreneurs, innovators and consultants to share how they get noticed, and how they can help other entrepreneurs overcome being overlooked.

Each show is only 20 minutes in duration and we record it in one take. We don't share questions in advance, but what we do is have a 20-minute conversation to agree on the topics we want to talk about, and then when everyone is happy we hit the record.

There are a few simple expectations and I'll share those before you go ahead and book:

- you find a quiet place and use a microphone and headset.
- the interview is not subject to review or editing by guests.
- guests agree to allow us to repurpose the content e.g. to an article or book etc.
- guests share the interview with their social networks.
- the IP of the interview resides with the show; these are your ideas but we have the right to share them without charge.

If you're happy with these then we have 2 short forms for you to complete please:

1. The Intake Form

This is where you tell us all about yourself, and including your social media details so that we can add all the links to the show to bring you the maximum publicity.

2. The Booking Form

This booking form will take you to our schedule so that you can find a time which suits us both to get into the studio.

Apologies if there is some duplication in entering your contact details - but we have 2 systems working alongside one another - but it shouldn't take you very long and we just want to make sure that we have everything covered.

3. And finally,

Once you've made a date with us you'll receive an email with a link to the meeting using

We're looking forward to having you on the mic with us and talking about getting noticed for free.