Be unique to stand out and #getnoticed, just like Tonies; with Drew Vernon, Marketing Director of Tonies
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Be unique to stand out and #getnoticed, just like Tonies; with Drew Vernon, Marketing Director of Tonies

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Keeping the pace of growth is not very easy for all companies especially if they are new in the market. But the stellar 40% yearly growth of this company, Tonies, a German Toy company, did a phenomenal pace of growth in its first two years in the US by having a unique offering to the market to help it stand out and #getnoticed.

In this episode, Tonies' Marketing Director in the US, Drew Vernon, shares with us how the company got noticed and stood out in the United States with stellar growth in the last two years, and what are the kinds of toys that Tonies offers and made them stood apart from the other toy brands and products.

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