Do funny sales videos work? With Joseph Wilkins.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur July 07, 202200:22:4315.65 MB

Do funny sales videos work? With Joseph Wilkins.

Videos are now one of the most used formats of content to engage with customers and acquire more sales. But according to Joseph Wilkins, Founder of Funny Sales Videos, you can leverage your videos, and sales, more if you're using humor.

In this episode, Joseph shares why and how funny videos can help you increase your sales and his business8 step process on how you can successfully create an effective funny video for your campaign, which you can learn from his free ebook. He also explains why humor is applicable to almost every businesses out there, and how he gets himself and his business #getnoticed.

You can also learn more about video creation from his podcast called How to Make a Video Go Viral.

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