How can you use "Lightning Decision Jam" for creative ideas? with Haylee McDonald
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur June 01, 202300:22:0415.2 MB

How can you use "Lightning Decision Jam" for creative ideas? with Haylee McDonald

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, host Jim James interviews Haylee Kalani McDonald, a communications consultant from Florida. The discussion revolves around unlocking creativity and its importance for entrepreneurs who often overlook its potential. Haylee emphasises that everyone possesses inherent creativity, which can be tapped into by thinking differently, being open to new perspectives, and maintaining curiosity. She shares her journey from working in a recording studio to venturing into marketing, highlighting the need to grab attention, build a loyal fan base, and harness the psychology behind it.

Haylee also provides valuable tips and tricks for entrepreneurs to get noticed -- she suggests narrowing down ideas by using an impact versus effort scale, prioritising high-impact and low-effort projects, and assigning tasks accordingly. Additionally, Haylee introduces the concept of the "Lightning Decision Jam" as a design thinking approach to streamline meetings and brainstorm solutions effectively. She emphasises the importance of collaboration in enhancing creativity and mentions the benefits of working with others to tap into collective intelligence.

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