How your content can be the engine for your business' growth with Trevor Merriden

How your content can be the engine for your business' growth with Trevor Merriden

Over the years, content creation has evolved and been a main strategy for a lot of organisations. But why did content become that big of a deal, and how can it help your business grow? In this episode, we're joined by Trevor Merriden, Founder and Managing Director of Merriborn Media, to explain how content can help scale businesses.

Trevor also shares how you can generate, repurpose and repackage content, the different types of content, and how frequently you should push out content. And if you're not a content creator, a video editor, and a designer, he also shares how outsourcing can help you achieve your content goals to #getnoticed, and how he, and his business, #getnoticed.

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If you want to know how to get noticed this show is for you. I have interviews, tools, tips, everything that an entrepreneur could need in order to help their organization to get noticed for free. Thank you for joining me on the unnoticed show.

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