The Grandfluencer Effect: Unlocking Influencer Marketing's Untapped Potential
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur June 13, 202400:30:3221.02 MB

The Grandfluencer Effect: Unlocking Influencer Marketing's Untapped Potential

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Struggling to navigate the enigmatic world of influencer marketing? Unlock the secrets with Alessandro Bogliari, co-founder of the Influencer Marketing Factory. In this illuminating episode, Alessandro demystifies influencer collaborations, sharing invaluable insights into identifying genuine influencers amidst the noise. Discover how to leverage data-driven strategies to assess audience demographics, engagement authenticity, and brand alignment – ensuring your influencer campaigns resonate with the right audiences and deliver measurable ROI.

Gain a fresh perspective on influencer marketing's evolution, debunking myths about its exclusivity to the young and B2C sectors. Explore Alessandro's entrepreneurial journey, from bootstrapping his agency with just $1,500 to securing industry giants like Google and Meta as clients. Glean wisdom from his candid advice on sustaining growth momentum and embracing an action-oriented mindset.

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