The worlds most industrious storyteller explains how brand bewitchery will build your business Part III

The worlds most industrious storyteller explains how brand bewitchery will build your business Part III

Park Howell Park Howell Guest

Park Howell, founder of Business of Story, believes that inside every great company there is blockbuster story waiting to be told. We are going to explore the contents of his new book 'Brand Bewitchery' and you can learn how to use his Story Cycle system on your own business.

For 35 years, Park has helped thousands of purpose-driven leaders master their business storytelling. It's how you can attract and retain top talent, connect with your ideal customers, and grow through a shared narrative that everyone can buy into and prosper from.

On offer to listeners is a business storytelling workbook, written by Park Howell, which will guide you through his proven 10-step Story Cycle system to clarify your story, grow revenue and amplify your impact.

“We are no longer just a used car dealership for credit-risk buyers, but a vehicle to their financial freedom, and we've quadrupled our growth, says ”André-Martin Hobbs
Auto, Pret, Partez, Quebec, CA. 

It's the power of story and how to create yours which Park will talk with me about on this episode.

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