Tony Colston talks of the Retireista Project - and why now is the best time of your life
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Tony Colston talks of the Retireista Project - and why now is the best time of your life

Tony, and fizz, came to The Drawing Room in Bath to talk about not retiring. The importance of staying active, not taking health for granted, and taking on new challenges including starting a new business when most people are thinking of laying out the deck chairs and eating ice creams with the grandchildren.

the retireista project is a must-read guidebook for all men wanting to get the best out of the best years of their lives.

Divided into sections that mirror those here on our website, the retiresta project includes anecdotes, case studies, advice and checklists for the reader in an upbeat, friendly style. It redefines retirement as a positive, energised and dynamic life stage we can all aspire to once our conventional working life is over.

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