Trailer: How is doing good things good for your business, with Jill Poet

Trailer: How is doing good things good for your business, with Jill Poet

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The Organisation for Responsible Businesses always says, "Doing good things is good for business." And in this episode, their CEO and Co-Founder Jill Poet explains how doing good things and having good company values towards people and the environment can be good for your business, get you noticed, and close more sales.

Jill also elaborates on how your values and good deeds can help your business in different ways, why you need to be genuine and authentic by being and doing good, and why you don't need a budget for your CSR and sustainability initiatives. And she also shares a handful of ways she does to get herself and Organisation for Responsible Businesses noticed.

Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants

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