Trailer: Innocent Entrepreneurs fail to manage their biggest risk; with Jotham Stein

Trailer: Innocent Entrepreneurs fail to manage their biggest risk; with Jotham Stein

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Who would want to start a company just to get kicked out of their own company, right? But let's admit it, protecting your company, and your control over your company is not something that goes into your mind when establishing it until you're starting to lose control and your investors start to take over. In this episode, Jotham Stein, Owner of Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C., addresses that, and shares just how entrepreneurs like you can protect your company, and your control over it.

Jotham also sites some examples of how founders and owners lose control over their companies, and the different kind of investors, and their characteristics, that you may encounter and consider pitching to. He also shares sample terms that you could include in your contract, some things that entrepreneurs should consider when going into a deal, and at what stage of the conversation this should really be taken care of. And lastly, he also shares about his book, 'How to Negotiate Like a CEO', how he started his law firm, and how he gets it, and himself, get noticed.

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