Trailer: Understanding media relations better, and how it can help you get Exposure and #getnoticed, with Felicity Cowie

Trailer: Understanding media relations better, and how it can help you get Exposure and #getnoticed, with Felicity Cowie

Media relations is often confused to be the same as public relations. And yes, it does have overlapping aspects to it, but media relations is a completely different thing, according to this episode's guest. Felicity Cowie, a former BBC and Panorama journalist, now a media relations expert, explains the difference between media relations and public relations, and how it can help you #getnoticed.

Felicity also shares how to come up with a great pitch, factors to consider before you decide which media or journalists to pitch, and some common dynamics within the media relations stage that makes it risky and complicated but worth it. She also shares a couple of tips if you're looking at doing media relations and if you're considering of hiring an agency to help you with it.

She also shares about her book called Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists which you can order from Amazon or her website,

Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants

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