Do you need to be a lion or a squirrel to overcome public speaking fear? With Ed Darling
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Do you need to be a lion or a squirrel to overcome public speaking fear? With Ed Darling

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In this episode, Jim James interviews Ed Darling, founder of Project Charisma, a Manchester-based training company that helps professionals overcome public speaking fears and communicate with credibility, confidence, and charisma. Ed shares how he overcame social anxiety and turned his biggest fears into a profession in acting and public speaking.

Ed emphasises that public speaking is a skill and with practise, anyone can improve. He starts by teaching clients the importance of breathing, focusing on diaphragmatic breathing to activate the "rest and digest" response and calm the nervous system. Ed then discusses the three components of public speaking: body, voice, and mind. Using animal analogies, Ed describes the difference between squirrel and lion body language, emphasising the importance of taking up space, being purposeful, and being confident when speaking in front of an audience.

Ed also shares practical tips and insights on how to improve public speaking skills and overcome anxiety, making this episode valuable for entrepreneurs looking to improve their communication skills and getting noticed.

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