How to start being an influencer now even with a small following on social media

How to start being an influencer now even with a small following on social media

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We often tie social media influencers with someone who has enormous followings on social media. But after talking with Joe Fields, Head of Influencer Relations of Onalytica, in this episode, I learned that having a huge following is not a must to be an influencer or a thought leader to #getnoticed.

According to Joe, an influencer is "someone who's able to persuade people in a certain way, to think more about a certain idea or a concept or a product or service and possibly influence their purchasing decision, or will just bring them around to a new way of thinking about something."

And in Onalytica, they don't only provide professional services to help brands scale their influencer programmes, but also help entrepreneurs like you to become an influencer or a thought leader, and he explains in this episode how. He also shares how much it could cost to hire an influencer from their platform to help you scale up your brand and business, why following and other social media metrics is not a priority to become an influencer, and how you could start become one to #getnoticed, for FREE.

Here's a case study of a successful influencer campaign from Onalytica.

Here is the compensation report for influencers from Onalytica.

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