Lost in SEO Land? This Pro Guide Will Save You

Google search delivers convenience, quickly connecting needs and solutions. But companies seek dominating real estate on results pages, making search engine optimisation (SEO) high-stakes. Unfortunately, the industry abounds with misinformation and scams. Entrepreneur Brent Jacobs cuts through clutter sharing insights from running successful SEO agencies since age 18.

Jacobs observes many small business owners feel bewildered, having “gotten burned” by fast-talking hustlers before. This breeds fear around SEO. Jacobs makes understanding search transparency his mission. “It’s horrible because most people who come to me, most customers, they initially got burned before,” he remarks. Debunking myths prevents future wounds while illuminating pathways to presence.

It's Not Magic, It's Matchmaking

Jacobs explains Google aims to serve “most relevant results” for each query by factoring context like user location. Seeking local service providers prioritises neighborhood options over distant national chains. Optimising accordingly signals Google your business merits prominently matching customer needs.

Platforms like Google My Business (GMB) quickly improve local visibility. By verifying addresses, opening communication channels and driving directions, GMB strengthens search matchmaking. Jacobs urges entrepreneurs treat their website and GMB account “in symbiosis,” ensuring all business data aligns across both. Consistent accurate information confirms legitimacy.

Dodging Shady Tactics

So how do less scrupulous “SEOs” game systems while offering bargains? Jacobs warns these black hat practitioners often utilise link networks, rapidly creating volumes of bogus websites misdirecting authority signals towards clients. He explains, “It actually works. It generates your results for like three months, sometimes six months and, if you're lucky, maybe even a year.”

But eventually algorithms recognise the manipulation. “Your website comes crashing and that's where it becomes really difficult to get back up,” Jacobs cautions. By then, black hats disappear after collecting payments, leaving befuddled business owners struggling with aftershocks.

Revenue Trumps Rankings

For sustainable growth, Jacobs prioritises “commercial intent” keywords directly converting visitors rather than simply driving traffic. “Chiropractor near me” outperforms an generic article like “What to Do When You Strain Your Back” for client revenue despite both drawing eyes.

Jacobs audits industries uncovering highest-impact terms. He ensures pages target customer purchasing vocabulary, increasing sales. Competent SEO produces measurable business, not just fluctuating search rankings. Jacob shares client results like 172% monthly revenue increases and 103% annual revenue growth. Proof is power.

Mindset Matters Too

Being an authority able to address customer “pain points” using quality information builds trust. Jacobs provides free educational resources to exhibit expertise and goodwill. He also believes entrepreneurs must “get uncomfortable” pushing past limitations to find opportunity.

Additionally, refusing unsuitable customers protects health. Taking on too many strains service quality and morale. Be selective aligning ability with need. Do a few things exceptionally over many average.

In closing, Jacobs invites entrepreneurs to explore resources at BrentShakesUp.com. Arm yourself with knowledge, plan progress thoughtfully and sustained positive momentum follows.

Brent Jacobs
Brent Jacobs
Founder, Author