An NBA Pro's Playbook for Entrepreneurial Success
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An NBA Pro's Playbook for Entrepreneurial Success

Learn the top strategies to elevate your business game from former pro basketball player turned high-performance coach Dre Baldwin, CEO of Work On Your Game. Discover how to build a champion mindset, laser focus on results, and leverage platforms through content creation.

Get the inside tips on overcoming mistakes and using advertising, collaboration, and unrelenting content publishing to stand out from the crowd. With over 35 books published and 100 million entrepreneurs reached, Dre shares his proven game plan for getting noticed, conditioning greatness, and playing to win as an ambitious entrepreneur. Key lessons reveal how to package your knowledge into money-making products and evolve your skills over time through insight and applied effort. It’s time to step up and dominate in your field.

Book recommendation: Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin

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