How 2-minute iPhone movies can launch your royal career
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur January 31, 202300:19:4613.61 MB

How 2-minute iPhone movies can launch your royal career

In this episode of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, Jim James interviews Gail Kasper, the “Princess of Philly” and a TV celebrity, coach, and professional trainer. Gail talks about how she has built up a following of over 300,000 on social media, her two books in print and 10 audio books, and how she is making her clients and herself famous. She goes on to discuss her challenges as an entrepreneur, such as starting her business with no money and having to hit the pavement to find her first client. Gail also shares her advice on how to #getnoticed, her goals of writing books, and the tools and technologies she uses to create content and promote her brand. Finally, Gail emphasises the importance of being consistent, having a point in the content, and being logical over emotional.

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