Diving into the Innovative World of Water Management with Sutro Founder, Ravi Kurani
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur June 27, 202300:27:2218.84 MB

Diving into the Innovative World of Water Management with Sutro Founder, Ravi Kurani

What if there was a device that could remotely measure your swimming pool or hot tub's water chemistry, ensuring crystal-clear water at all times? Meet Ravi Kirani, the founder of my Sutro, who created just that - a floating laboratory that does all the work for you! Join us as we dive into Ravi's entrepreneurial journey, from selling water products to the Indian government to pivoting towards the lucrative 14-million pool market in the US. Discover how Ravi's vision of expanding this technology to other water industries, such as agriculture, drinking water, and food and beverage, could revolutionize the way we manage water resources.

But that's not all - we also get up close and personal with Ravi on the importance of brand building and marketing strategies for my Sutro. Learn how Ravi successfully targeted the right demographic, harnessed the power of social proof, and addressed the company's positioning to his team and investors. Hear about his experience in acquiring early adopters and the role of Amazon in his business. Don't miss this insightful conversation packed with invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs and water enthusiasts alike. Tune in now!

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