From Barbecue Joint to Boardroom: A Tale of Entrepreneurial Triumph Over Imposter Syndrome
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur August 31, 202300:22:2115.41 MB

From Barbecue Joint to Boardroom: A Tale of Entrepreneurial Triumph Over Imposter Syndrome

Welcome to the heart of Texas City, with our vibrant guest, Phyllis Williams-Strauder, a barbecue restaurant owner turned brand strategist. She's not just a businesswoman; she's a storyteller, a mentor, and most importantly, a fighter who battled imposter syndrome to build a multi-million dollar brand consultancy. Join us as Phyllis unveils her journey, from the smoky corners of a barbecue joint to the shiny boardrooms where she helps clients build authentic brands. It's not just about Phyllis; it's about her core belief in shifting focus from herself to those she seeks to assist. Get ready for a deep dive into how she transitioned from her prior enterprise, CKL Creator, to establish Brandma's House.

As we navigate the second part of this riveting conversation, Phyllis takes us on a trip deep into her creative mind, revealing her unique approach to personal branding. She's no ordinary guest; she's an open book, literally! Not only has she penned down her journey, but she also shares it via her podcast, both adding an extra layer of connection with her audience. Business owners, brace yourselves for some invaluable advice on understanding your industry and market. Wrapping up our chat, Phyllis discusses her golden rule of trading time for money, outlining why she only takes on ten clients a year. So grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready for a ride into the world of brave and authentic branding.

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