How a China start up became a leading platform in the global events industry.
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How a China start up became a leading platform in the global events industry.

Join us as we raise our glasses to a decade of innovation with Glue Up, a brainchild of the brilliant minds of Eric Schmidt and his partner. Walk with us down memory lane as Eric lays bare the phenomenal journey of transforming Glue Up from a modest husband-and-wife team based in Beijing to a global powerhouse spanning 12 offices and servicing over 1200 clients. Eric uncovers the magic behind how Glue Up simplifies life for organizations by automating membership management and maximizing their event, content, and community value. This is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and global success.

Life in the digital era is anything but stagnant, and Glue Up has proven just that. Through the lens of Eric, we reveal how mobile technology has woven itself into Glue Up's narrative, shaping its development and international expansion. He also elaborates on the importance of technology diversification amidst shifting political landscapes, and how the company's name change and securing the right domain played a pivotal role in their global success. We also explore the strategic role of Glue Up’s community product in preparing the company for global exposure, and how it has adapted to different mobile phone usage across regions.

The journey of Glue Up isn't just about a company's growth; it's about revolution and rebranding. Eric gives us an insider's view of how their rebranding exercises propelled the company's growth beyond events, the significance of having the right tools, and the effective marketing approaches that have propelled Glue Up onto the global stage. Discover how the shift to digital products, effective speed networking tools, and learning from investment missteps, like overinvesting in LinkedIn, have helped shape the company’s trajectory. Join us for an enlightening conversation exploring the ins and outs of building a successful global business.

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