How a retired British academic is selling IT training online to India.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur January 27, 2020x
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How a retired British academic is selling IT training online to India.

David Ringsell is an maturepreneur who I first met when talking about attending technology start up events; which at the age of 62 David said made him feel a little awkward.

The truth is that David works with a wide range of technologies. These include Angular and SQL Server. Services are provided on both web and database development. The programming languages used include Java, Javas Script, C# and more.

He's a pioneer in technology and has built a business which now is selling IT training to India. We talk about how he managed to use students to built minimum viable products, balances online courses with in person tutoring, sustains a loving relationship with his wife of 20 years, and the importance of having a cat.

A holder of a BSc in Maths & Computer Science from the University of Sussex, with a stint in corporate roles, David founded TalkIT in 2006. He has created e-learning courses in all main industry standard coding languages. With TalkIT you can learn to code online when and where you want.

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