How clarity can pivot your business to success; with Lori Michele Leavitt
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How clarity can pivot your business to success; with Lori Michele Leavitt

Lori Michele LeavittLori Michele LeavittGuest

Pivoting, especially in a business, never seemed easy. But our guest in this episode, The Pivot Catalyst, Lori Michelle Leavitt, President and Founder of Abrige Corp., made it seem so easy and clear - that you need to be clear.

Lori also explains how clarity can help you successfully pivot your business - and you can be clear yourself and how you can be clear with your team after you've gotten clear to yourself. She also provided some examples and scenarios of businesses pivoting, and explained why the 'why' of a business seldomly change when they are pivoting. And lastly, she shares how she gets herself #getnoticed.

You can grab a copy of Lori's Pivot to Clarity book here -

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