How does Kenya promise great opportunities for entrepreneurs in mobile gaming?
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur December 12, 2019x
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How does Kenya promise great opportunities for entrepreneurs in mobile gaming?

Experienced entrepreneur and Silver Fox, Jay Shapiro is launching a #GamingForGood movement across Africa from his base in Nairobi, Kenya. He uprooted his young family from America to move to Africa, sensing the sort of excitement and buzz he experienced in Singapore in the mid '90's

There are 350 million connected smartphones in Africa, growing at 20%, and the median age in Africa is 19. UsikuGames is creating a new movement by gathering people on their mobile devices to play skills-based games and enjoy live entertainment, as a community.

Canadian Jay started and built Blue interactive in Singapore in 1999 which he later sold to WPP in 2008.

We talk about the importance of drinking with other techdads, why he has a rap group on his payroll, why failing is a hallmark of an entrepreneur, and how he and his successful wife manage their relationship to care for their kids in Nairobi.

"If you are not failing at least 50% of the time, then you aren't trying. You have to be willing to get things wrong."

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