How Mr Rich is taking a bite out of the legal profession.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur November 11, 2019x
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How Mr Rich is taking a bite out of the legal profession.

LawBite was founded in 2011 by Clive Rich, barrister, mediator, arbitrator and professional negotiator. Clive recognised a need for SMEs to have greater access to affordable, understandable legal services.

LawBite’s recent You Gov research indicated that the UK’s SMEs collectively lose over £13 billion a year as a result of failing to take care of their legal business properly. These failures range from not taking care of trading contracts, intellectual property, terms and conditions and shareholder contracts, through to regulatory issues, staffing problems, and disputes.

Clive talks with Jim James about raising money through crowd cube, balancing working life with a growing family, and how he is managing to install a professional management team in order to spend more time on the vision of the company.

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