How one man solved the problem of returning to the UK from China without a job, is Scaling Up and offering SODA.
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How one man solved the problem of returning to the UK from China without a job, is Scaling Up and offering SODA.

Andy Clayton and I met in Beijing in 2008, as he was a fellow British entrepreneur, and so he was one of the first people I called when I wanted to learn how other returning expatriates have managed the transition. Fast forward from our first meeting and now Andy is a successful and articulate Gazelles and Petra certified coach with the European rights to the training methodologies of the American firm providing the tools of Scaling Up.

Andy sees the world differently to most people. Bi-lingual, he has a powerful sense of focus and clarity which helped Andy to found, grow and sell the UK’s largest China Operations outsourcing agency, helping Western companies to operate over $50m of sales in China. He achieved this through deployment of the tools of Scaling Up, and has since certified as a Petra and Gazelles Coach, helping organisations implement the tools of Scaling Up, aligning teams to unlock growth and potential in their organisations.

Andy’s passions included extreme distance running, and supporting Autistic causes, including founding Autistic Entrepreneurs.

We talk here about how he planned the sale of his China business when he decided that he didn't want to fly back and forth any more.

He shares the way in which he approached the Petra coaching company in America to bring their Scaling Up methodology to the UK.

Andy has also been working on SODA - his own methodology for saving time, which is being successfully implemented by executives saving them literally days in the month.

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