If you own the business, should you do the marketing? Listen to what this 75 year old entrepreneur has to say.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur April 24, 202300:04:383.22 MB

If you own the business, should you do the marketing? Listen to what this 75 year old entrepreneur has to say.

Charles Read is the 75-year-old founder of Getpayroll.com, a company that processes over US$1bn in transactions per year and doesn't do his marketing. 

In this episode, host Jim James talks to Charles Read, an UnNoticed Entrepreneur who has built a successful payroll management company called GetPayroll. They discuss how Charles scaled his business, his approach to marketing, and his advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business.

Episode Highlights:

- Charles talks about issues like loyalty and a system to reward companies that give you referrals. He also shares one of the lessons he has learned about getting professional staffing.
- Charles explains that the Internal Revenue Service makes millions of mistakes a year, so they fix them. 
- Charles shares how the company started as a small business in the Dallas Fort Worth area and how they moved into the internet in the late '90s.
- Charles emphasizes the importance of having a reputation and being willing to do what is necessary to protect it.
- Charles talks about the referral program for clients and potential customers, where they are paid a percentage of the revenue and receive a referral fee.
- Charles explains why the "Pay per Click" campaign has been unsuccessful and suggests that businesses should try new things and expand their business, even if it doesn't work.
- Charles shares his advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and talks about the importance of turning marketing over to somebody else.

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