Jan Cavelle's Formula for Spotting Market Gaps and Creating Profitable Ventures
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Jan Cavelle's Formula for Spotting Market Gaps and Creating Profitable Ventures

Get up close and personal with a powerhouse entrepreneur, Jan Cavelle, as she unveils how a simple kitchen table became the launchpad for a multi-million-pound business. Grab a front-row seat as Jan narrates her journey of spotting a market gap and turning it into a profitable venture of supplying interior designers with furniture. We then take you into the heart of her ingenious strategy, which involved focusing her business on other businesses rather than individual consumers, thus offering them a variety of products and services that kept them coming back for more.

In the latter half, our conversation steers towards how Jan created a brand that sold unseen products and eventually led to her selling the business. Despite scarce resources, Jan's creative spark shone brighter, manifesting in her hand-sketched brochures and audacious cold calls to prospective clients. Intrigued about selling a business? Get an insider's view as Jan and I discuss the nitty-gritty of the buying and selling process, and how she used market intelligence to design successful products. And if you're an entrepreneur seeking to create an authentic brand, you won't want to miss Jan's invaluable words of wisdom about being fearlessly authentic and 'living out loud'. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a veteran, this episode is brimming with insights, tips, and motivation to help you turn your business aspirations into reality.

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