Navigating Generational Success: Planning the Future of Your Family Business
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Navigating Generational Success: Planning the Future of Your Family Business

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Are you grappling with the daunting challenge of succession planning in your family business? You're not alone. Join host Jim James as he delves into the critical issues surrounding succession with Dr. Patrick Woock, an expert who has dedicated eight years to this field. Discover why 90% of America's wealth is tied up in family businesses and how over 5 million such businesses face the dilemma of generational transition.

In their conversation, Patrick shares insights from his personal journey, having taken over his first business at 25. He co-authored the book "Succession: Navigating Generational Success" after facing health challenges alongside his co-author, Susie Ginsburg. Learn the crucial steps to successful succession, from clearing the air to understanding family dynamics and building a supportive team.

Discover actionable strategies to address common pitfalls, such as lack of succession planning and dealing with heirs lacking essential skills. Patrick offers a free consultation to listeners, emphasising the importance of planning for the future today. Don't miss this episode if you're an entrepreneur looking to secure your family's legacy.

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