One Woman's Journey: Transforming the Underwear Game with Wood with Terresa Zimmerman
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur September 05, 202300:24:0716.61 MB

One Woman's Journey: Transforming the Underwear Game with Wood with Terresa Zimmerman

Ever wondered how a wood viscous fabric feels against your skin? Well, Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear, sat with us to discuss her unique brand that's disrupting the men's underwear market with just that. Her journey from tech PR to entrepreneurship is nothing short of fascinating, and she generously shares her experiences and insights. From her decision to focus on Main Street rather than Amazon, to the creation of the company’s standout brand identity using a distinctive orange color and font, Teresa’s story is a must-listen for budding entrepreneurs and anyone interested in innovative products.

Our conversation with Teresa also dives into the nitty gritty of starting a business and bringing a product to market. Teresa shares her early experiences, which involve driving around Los Angeles with her first shipment of underwear, visiting stores and attempting to sell her product. She provides an honest perspective on the challenges of selling something as personal as underwear and shares her thoughts on why outsourcing sales initially may not always be the best approach. We conclude with a discussion about Wood Underwear’s environmental commitment through their partnership with One Tree Planted, which has already resulted in the planting of over 5,000 trees. So tune in, learn something new, and perhaps rethink your underwear drawer too!

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