Silent influencers are playing with your mind, explains Rob Ashton of Emphasis
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur August 30, 202200:20:2514.06 MB

Silent influencers are playing with your mind, explains Rob Ashton of Emphasis

Rob Ashton, former CEO, and now Chairman of Emphasis, says that people actually have the same brain model and psychology. And according to him, tapping these - the brain science, is the best way, not to help you #getnoticed, but to get people to take notice. And in this episode, Rob shares all about that, and how you, as an unnoticed entrepreneur, can use brain science to #getnoticed.

With over 1.2 million website visitors a year, Rob also shares how you can use negative news or subjects to take people to notice you. And with over 80,000 people taking his top-rated training course in writing, he also explains, in more detail, how different forms of writing can help you get noticed, consciously or unconsciously, and what alternatives you could use if you don't have the knowledge and the skills set to write. And lastly, he also shares how he is eating his own dog food to #getnoticed.

You can sign up to his five-part email training course, Silent Influence, here.

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