Sprint your way to doubled sales in 90 days by focusing on these three things
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Sprint your way to doubled sales in 90 days by focusing on these three things

Doubling sales is not easy for everyone, especially in just 90 days. But my guest for this episode, Simon Severino, Business Strategy Advisor of Strategy Sprints, will make it sound so easy that you will sprint you're way to doubling your sales in 90 days by focusing on 3 key things to #getnoticed.

In this episode, Simon shares the 3 key things that you need to focus on in that 90-day period, how your marketing, sales, and operations team should get aligned to reach your quota, how the law of reduction can help your boost sales, and why and how you shouldn't spend a single cent on marketing until you reach the $35,000 monthly recurring revenue. He also shares about their 90-day Sprint program and how they can help entrepreneurs like you to double sales in just 90 days, and how he's getting noticed by showing up on 6 podcasts a day and producing videos on YouTube.

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