Tech Powering School Safety: How Boom Interactive is Making a Difference
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur September 07, 202300:21:5615.11 MB

Tech Powering School Safety: How Boom Interactive is Making a Difference

Ever wondered how technology can significantly enhance school safety? Join us as our esteemed guest, Timber Barker, shares intriguing insights into his pioneering product, Boom Interactive. This revolutionary software is redefining safety protocols in the Arizona school district by enabling the sharing of critical data such as floor plans and sensor information across all devices. It's a game-changer, making IoT sensors, security cameras, and CCTV footage readily accessible. Plus, it utilizes AI to create digital twins of flat floor plans, assisting first responders in school safety navigation.

Navigating the heavily regulated education industry to introduce such an innovative tool isn't a cakewalk. Tune in to hear Timber's fascinating journey and the ingenious strategies employed to market Boom Interactive to various stakeholders, including police chiefs, superintendents, city officials, and even parents. Timber's insights serve as valuable advice for entrepreneurs embarking on a similar path. From building a resonating corporate brand to maintaining regulatory compliance and introducing groundbreaking technology, Timber's journey with Boom Interactive is a captivating tale of innovation, determination, and success. Don't miss out!

Also check out Design with Bubbles by Boom Interactive.

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