The Agency Matchmaker - How to Find Marketing Partners You Can Trust
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur November 23, 202300:25:4117.69 MB

The Agency Matchmaker - How to Find Marketing Partners You Can Trust

Struggling to find the right marketing agency? Behdad Jamshidi, Founder of CJAM Marketing, shares his secrets to vetting and matching businesses with agency partners they can trust. After losing 25% of his business overnight in the recession, Behdad rebuilt by focusing on lead generation and brand building. He explains how he creates a constant stream of high-quality content across platforms and nurtures authentic relationships. Key takeaways include only partnering with agencies operating for 5+ years, mapping customer journeys, and joining exclusive communities. With insights on standing out online, bouncing back after setbacks and building a personal brand, this episode is essential listening for service providers and agency-seekers alike. Discover how to find reliable collaborators so you can focus on what matters most - delighting clients.

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