Time to Go South! The Latin Secret to Finding Superstar VAs
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Time to Go South! The Latin Secret to Finding Superstar VAs

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Finding talented and affordable virtual assistants can be a headache, especially when working with overseas teams. Jaime Nacach provides a solution - he set up Virtual Latinos to connect North American businesses with a Spanish-speaking workforce right in their time zone.

Listen as Jaime explains the key benefits of Latin talent over Asian counterparts - better cultural alignment, more native-sounding English, and more affordable rates starting at just $8 an hour. You’ll hear how he overcame the classic marketplace chicken and egg problem to build a pool of pre-vetted talent.

Jaime also shares a candid story of the painful lessons he learned trying to hire VAs himself, inspiring him to build a better business model. His top tip? Creating killer SEO content around your expertise.

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