Why You Need an Army of You: The Cloning Methodology Transforming Businesses

Feel overwhelmed trying to handle every aspect of your business alone? You’re not alone. Dean Mercado, founder of Online Marketing Muscle, says “If I just had 10 of me, 50 of me, life would be easy.” Realising many entrepreneurs share this sentiment, Mercado developed his Clone the Owner methodology to systemise and scale.

The Vision Drives Everything

Mercado explains Clone the Owner “emanates from its core” - your vision. Beyond mission statements gathering dust, Mercado says, “I’m talking about your real reason for being, something that wakes you up every morning.” Your central “why” propels decisions, goals and growth.

For his company, a vision to help over one million struggling entrepreneurs this year scared yet motivated Mercado’s team. When your purpose has such meaning, obstacles fade. As Mercado says, “That why is going to propel that company forward.”

Standing Out By Getting Noticed

With clarity of vision, implementing tactics is next. Mercado’s “Differentiate or Die” strategy reflects on visibility, credibility and reach. Doubleday down on strengths making you distinct. Mercado is comfortable on camera; for his firm, podcast and stage appearances differentiate so they’re “maximising reach.”

Play to strengths aligned with audience preferences. Introverts needn’t be spokespeople but can express themselves through writing or visuals. Mercado says, “If you enjoy writing and want to stay behind the scenes but have the power of the pen, there are marketing tactics for you.” Identify natural skills suiting audiences’ interests.

Cloning Through Systems and People

Mercado advocates auditing tasks thinking, “What don’t I like doing that someone else would love?” Systemise or outsource those. He nudges, “Just because you’re the owner doesn’t mean you need to be the face.”

Rather than tackling everything alone, build a team united by vision. Mercado confirms even big brands use celebrities as faces; what matters most is the purpose, not the personality conveying it. So play to strengths and delegate the rest to clones.

Overcoming Setbacks Through Community

Many entrepreneurs’ confidence has suffered setbacks recently. Mercado targets this group, positioning mindset as Clone the Owner’s outer ring. He reminds entrepreneurs fail forward, urging, “If we don't embrace failure, if we’re too worried about what everybody else thinks, we start to understand that they’re not thinking about us.”

Learning to dismiss outside perceptions liberates entrepreneurs to recommit. Mercado affirms “Your business will only grow to the degree that you do.” Growth orientation sustains momentum when inevitable stumbles arise.

He insists too on asking for help, availing oneself of guidance so vision stays clear when obstacles might otherwise obscure it. No successful business is a “one man sport.” Complement gaps through partnership.

Clarity, Connection and Clones

Mercado distills advice into three C’s. First, clarity of purpose “your real reason for being.” Second, connection through tailored communications suited to unique audiences. Don’t be clutter by copying competitors – be distinctively yourself.

Finally, clone tasks misaligned with strengths by delegating or automating. Systemisation lets you multiply without burning out.

Dean Mercado provides assets like his Clone the Owner eBook to support this pathway. With vision, voice and intentional clones in place, entrepreneurs can thrive. Be willing, open and focused applying Mercado’s principles, and your business will grow.

Dean Mercado
Dean Mercado
Digital Marketing Coach & Strategist