How does a Dutchman make money FLIRTing with social media from his Riad in Morocco?
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur January 21, 2020x
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How does a Dutchman make money FLIRTing with social media from his Riad in Morocco?

Marc Campman is a social media playmaker. He turns your social media content into stories and your stories into plays. He is a multi- award winning international marketing and social media specialist.

He shares about how he has divided up his career into 10 year tranches; 

- corporate

- individual advisory

- agency consultant

- lifestyle business 

Originally from the Netherlands and now living in the UK, Marc shares how he has built a successful consulting practice by authoring a book, how he got consulting gigs in Dubai, how much a consultant can earn per day, and his plans to now turn the digital marketing skills into a way to monetise his Moroccan hideaway.

Marc’s experience spans over 30 years of marketing and sales in the technology, telecoms and gaming business in a wide variety of companies, from large global organisations to local startups. Over the years he has built up extensive expertise in every area of traditional and online marketing.

With his experience in online marketing and Social Media, he can be considered a thought leader in Social Media and Content Marketing. Social Media Marketing is all about creating your own plays. Plays to make connections, participate in conversations and generate ideas.

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Flirtonomics - how to attract, date and love your customers on social media. 

Riad Farasha. Link is

- Simon Sinek start with why

- Steve jobs commencement address


Marc Campman

Social Media Playmaker



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