How Startups Can Strategically Boost Their Brand
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How Startups Can Strategically Boost Their Brand

Wondering how PR can boost your brand? PR pro Kathleen Lucente, Founder of Red Fan Communications, demystifies public relations for startups and small businesses. With 15 years growing her own agency, she shares when to engage PR help and how to maximise value on a budget. Key takeaways include defining your niche, hiring specialists who know your industry, and scaling support as you grow. Kathleen advises crafting an authentic brand narrative, aligning internal and external messaging, and leaning into what makes you unique. Learn how PR establishes credibility, provides "air cover" for sales, and positions you as an expert. Discover low-cost ways to benefit from PR skills early on. This candid, tactical episode empowers entrepreneurs to strategically communicate their vision and values.

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Give away free marketing incentives including free hotel nights.

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