How to create targeted customer ads using zero-party data, with Dan Levin.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur September 12, 202300:25:3117.57 MB

How to create targeted customer ads using zero-party data, with Dan Levin.

Dan Levin, founder and COO of Viral Gains discusses how the company helps advertisers target specific audiences. He explains their focus on gathering insights and building audiences, and how they use zero party data gathered through surveys to ensure customer consent and maintain consumer confidentiality.

🚀 Viral Gains assists advertisers with targeted marketing by providing insights and building audiences.

  • 🔍 They gather zero party data through surveys, ensuring consumer consent and ethical data sourcing.
  • 📈 The company has had success in working with ad agencies and educating brands about their offerings.
  • 💡 The strategy involves being noticed by both agencies and brands, targeting each audience effectively.
  • 🎯 Viral Gains focuses on product market fit and has learned from past experiences the importance of being the best in their chosen field.

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