From Kitchen Table to Multi-Million Pound Business: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Jan Cavelle

In the latest episode of our podcast, we have an inspiring dialogue with a mature female entrepreneur, Jan Cavelle. She shares her remarkable journey of building a multi-million-pound business from a simple kitchen table.

Jan Cavelle’s entrepreneurial journey is not only a testament to her grit and determination but also an illuminating example of how innovative thinking can turn necessity into opportunity. A single mother with little business knowledge, Jan was driven to find a solution that would allow her to support her family without sacrificing the time she wanted to spend with her children.

She identified a gap in the market for supplying interior designers with furniture. Rather than focusing on individual consumers, she targeted businesses, offering them a variety of products and services that kept them coming back for more. This ingenious strategy of focusing on business-to-business sales allowed her to cut down on work for her customers by providing them with a range of products, creating a pleasant experience for them that incentivized repeat business.

Building a successful business from home, especially in the pre-internet era, was not without its challenges. With limited resources, Jan had to get creative. She sketched brochures and made cold calls to prospective clients, demonstrating a level of audacity and resilience that would later become the foundation of her business's success.

As her business evolved, so did her approach to selling products. Jan successfully created a brand that sold unseen products, using her knack for relationship-building to build trust with her clients. She utilized her keen understanding of her customers' needs to design products that filled a market gap.

Selling a business is a complex process, and Jan provides invaluable insights into this process. She discusses the importance of understanding the buying and selling process and shares her experience of using market intelligence to design successful products. Jan also shares her words of wisdom about creating an authentic brand, emphasizing the importance of being fearlessly authentic and 'living out loud'.

Jan’s  entrepreneurial journey is a powerful lesson in determination, innovation, and resilience. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a veteran in the field, her insights and experiences provide valuable guidance and inspiration for turning business aspirations into reality.

To summarize, Jan Cavelle’s story teaches us that entrepreneurship is not just about having a groundbreaking idea or abundant resources. It’s about spotting opportunities, having the courage to pursue them, and the perseverance to overcome challenges. It's about being fearlessly authentic and building relationships based on trust. Above all, it's about turning your business aspirations into reality, no matter where you start.

Jan Cavelle
Jan Cavelle