Exploring the Potential of EOTs in Business Exits with Chris Maslin
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur July 13, 202300:24:5617.17 MB

Exploring the Potential of EOTs in Business Exits with Chris Maslin

What if there was an innovative way to transition out of your business while ensuring stability for your staff and clients? This is exactly what our guest, Chris Maslin, Founder of Go EO, managed with a unique concept - the Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). As Chris recounts his successful departure from his accountancy practice using EOT, he uncovers the challenges of a traditional Management Buyout (MBO) and shares the multifaceted benefits of EOT for the business owner and the existing workforce. Whether you're looking to retire or embark on a new venture, this conversation will shed light on EOT's potential to shape your business transition in an advantageous way.

Transitioning to EOT ownership is not a walk in the park, as Chris shares from his own experience. His personal journey is a testament to the importance of clear communication with key staff members during this process. From preparing the staff for the transition, to conveying the message of stability to clients, there are many nuances that need to be navigated. This episode is an eye-opener for entrepreneurs considering EOT as an exit strategy, as Chris breaks down the complexities involved in an honest and insightful manner. So, tune in and uncover the possibilities of an EOT transition for your business.

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