From Jaguars to Safaris. How to retire with a travel franchise.
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From Jaguars to Safaris. How to retire with a travel franchise.

Bob Grace spent some 30 years in Jaguar Land Rover, starting in the Automotive Industry at the age of 16 and working his way to become President of JLR China from July 2010 to July 2015. In October 2019 Bob established his own business offering personalised travel, Not Just Travel Bob Grace, as a franchise business within the Hays Group.

Having travelled extensively over the years, and lived in many different countries, coupled with over three decades of working with luxury brands delivering high service and experience, he feels that he is well placed to develop travel experiences that will excite the senses.

Bob shares in this episode the way in which he decided to get back into working life even though he didn’t need to financially, his views on working in China, how much he pays his children to help with his marketing, and the response of his mother when he invited her to Windsor Castle.

We learn about actual the costs and revenue targets of taking on a franchise, what to look out for when one is self employed, and why a franchise can be an ideal solution to self employment giving the excitement of autonomy without the risk of going it alone. 

Given the experience he’s gained over the years working with and in China, Bob has also joined Asiability as a Partner, where the purpose is to enable good commercial and philanthropic partnerships between U.K., E.U., and the People’s Republic of China (see

You can contact Bob for his views on these subjects, and booking a brilliant vacation, at or via Linkedin


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