Matthew Rochford on the importance of mindset
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur October 21, 2019x
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Matthew Rochford on the importance of mindset

Matthew Rochford, life coach talks with Jim James on Silver Fox Entrepreneurs.

Your mind. Your life. Your success.

I've been supporting, coaching, advising and providing counsel to people since the late nineties. Whether it's been as a business consultant, Executive Coach, meditation teacher or martial arts trainer - being able to help and support other people to be more insightful, successful and fulfilled has always been a passion of mine.

Qualifications and Experience

Key Take Aways:

- We get in our own way

- Define and write down a statement which forms an anchor point

- Allow our inner self confidence to come to the fore by managing negative narratives.

It all sounds so easy, but it's not...which is why we need coaching from people like Matthew.

Find out more about Matthew on his website:

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