Richard Robinson, Beijing based Bostonian entrepreneur and professor
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Richard Robinson, Beijing based Bostonian entrepreneur and professor

Seasoned Advisor, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Professor & Investor based in China, Richard Robinson talks with Jim James about start-ups, the Jack Ma University, the Stupid American Diet, and why relationship are true wealth.

He writes about himself: 

Into my third decade in China where I advise and invest in companies and help them crack the Chinese and Asian markets. I also teach at China's top two universities: at Peking University's Guanghua Int'l MBA program I teach Entrepreneurship in China and at Tsinghua University's BI-Tsinghua joint program I teach 'pracademics' to senior execs.

Previously with 8 successive startups as a co-founder or senior exec, and with dozens of others as an investor, board member, adviser or mentor (HAX, Chinaccelerator & 500).

Initially I was a senior exec at 3 companies from private entities through to their listings, then went on to co-found 5 companies: 3 exited to publicly listed companies and 2 landed squarely in the 'L' column ;-).

Active in the geek-o-system in Asia/globally and speak frequently at conferences. (I MC'ed: Web Summit Lisbon & Dublin, TechCrunch Beijing, GMIC Beijing & Silicon Valley, Rise Hong Kong and TechInAsia Singapore & Jakarta).

Grew up in Greater Boston and my Boston accent and I went to study at USC in L.A. and Cambridge University in the UK. After graduation I was a wild-eyed backpacker working my way around the world as a bartender in the Virgin Islands, a concierge/ski bum in the Swiss Alps, an English teacher in post-revolution Prague, a house-painter in Norway, a grape picker in France and a BMW factory worker in Munich. In '93 I traveled overland from Switzerland to Hong Kong via Beijing on the Trans-Siberian and fell in love with China.

Got an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management in The Netherlands '94-'96 & fell in love with the web. After grad school did a solo 4,000km bicycle trip through Africa from Nairobi to Cape Town

Labors of love to exercise/exorcise my creative muse:
- Write children's books with all proceeds going to charity;
- Produce / MC stand-up comedy shows across Asia with top comedians like Jim Gaffigan.

Lovely entrepreneur wife, 3 kids 'Made in China'. Perpetual Mandarin student.


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