How I increased my Linkedin engagement 42% by reducing my posts by 90%
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur April 28, 2023x
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How I increased my Linkedin engagement 42% by reducing my posts by 90%

Simon Chappuzeau and entrepreneur Jim James have successfully increased engagement by 42% on Jim's LinkedIn while reducing their time to a couple of hours per week. They have created a presentation to share and discuss what they have learned over the last 11 weeks. In their presentation, Jim James and Simon Chappuzeau discuss the correlation between individual content pieces and the growth of engagement on LinkedIn. 

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Jim is proud of the 41.5% improvement in engagement.

Posts in the last 90 days received over 80,000 impressions. 

The key takeaway is that LinkedIn is a learning community, not a dumping place of content, and promotion will not get you any reach. 

Jim James and Simon Chappuzeau emphasized the importance of having a personal profile that showcases what you do, not just who you are, and how to add value to others. They also discussed the importance of having a good story and a profile that represents yourself. 

The golden rule is consistency in style, messaging, and posting frequency. 

It is essential to build expectations with your audience and stick to unmet promises. Posts should inform, educate, or inspire to spark curiosity and legitimate interest. Jim James' top-performing posts include a video, East West PR, and a slideshow about Simon Sinek, which all fall into the categories of inspire, educate, and inform. 

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