How to match the money in family offices with entrepreneurs.
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur August 17, 202300:27:5319.19 MB

How to match the money in family offices with entrepreneurs.

Want to unlock the world of family offices and funding? Prepare to have your entrepreneurial journey enriched as Leif Hartwig, the founder of WealthVP, spills the beans on this untapped treasure. Tune in as Leif peels back the layers of the funding world, highlighting the key differences between venture capitals and family offices. Discover how Leif's platform, WealthVP, is paving the way for business owners and entrepreneurs to access funding by digitizing a marketplace that primarily relies on word-of-mouth and networking. 

Ever wondered about the nuances of building a two-sided marketplace? Let Leif enlighten you about this as he navigates through the challenges of balancing buyers and sellers, and shares their unique go-to-market strategy. Get a peek into the significance of trust and relationship-building techniques in the family office market. Stick around as Leif dishes on his ambitious goal of raking in over a hundred million dollars in fees from family offices. 

Lastly, sit tight as we dive deeper into the intriguing concept of purposeful entrepreneurship with Lave, seasoned in his field. Gain insights on the importance of values, character, and a positive attitude in entrepreneurship. Learn how to set the right price for your product or service, and how to get noticed in an oversaturated market. This episode promises to be a goldmine of value-driven insights and practical advice for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. So plug in your earphones and get ready to take notes because this is one episode you don't want to miss.

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