Is your business getting lost in the Amazon jungle?
The UnNoticed Entrepreneur November 07, 202300:24:4717.07 MB

Is your business getting lost in the Amazon jungle?

Promised knowledge and expertise await you in our enlightening conversation with Mike Begg, the savvy CEO and co-founder of AMZ Advisers. This is a deep dive into the vast Amazon marketplace, a tour not just of the immense opportunities that it offers, but also the unique challenges it presents to brand builders and unnoticed entrepreneurs. Mike's knowledge, honed by years of experience, makes him an invaluable guide, offering actionable strategies to make your mark in this competitive market. Expect to understand the dramatic shift of product searches from Google to Amazon, the heightened competition, and the challenges of outbound marketing. 

Strap in for an informative exploration into the cornerstone elements of building a successful brand on Amazon. Begg explains how his company has constructed their brand since 2015, leveraging SEO content, blog content, partnerships, podcasts, and webinars. You'll also gain insights into their content production strategy and their tactics for gaining visibility and backlinks. Mike doesn't just share his secret sauce with us, he also delves into the art of standing out from the crowd with SEO, product images, and sponsored products advertising. This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur searching for the right path in the Amazon jungle of opportunities.

This is the unnoticed entrepreneur podcast with me, Jim James. 25 minute interviews every Tuesday and Thursday. This is the show for business owners who started a company, but who desire to build a brand. 

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